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A very practical purposeful approach,

specific to real-life everyday challenges. 

If you join the Well Intentioned Foodies today you will get EXCLUSIVE access to:

6 Weeks, LIVE close contact coaching, with Heather Landex.

You can submit Questions or Examples LIVE or between sessions in an interactive PRIVATE forum

You'll have Heather alongside you with a limited number of WIFS many of whom are hand selected industry experts.

WIFs enjoy 6 weekly interactive LIVE workshops, continuing Q&A, feedback, networking and weekly mastermind style coaching, training Q&A session hosted by Heather Landex.

This will be delivered flexibly so that LIVE participation is not required and WIFs can be continually supported around your work-life.

Questions can be submitted, discussed and solutions offered inside the WIF Membership site.
You'll receive lifetime membership in case you need to revisit or ask for feedback on any topics after the 6 week programme has ended.

 The 6 week programme will not be offered ever again at this price.

It is for Original WIFs only (first 100)


The point of being a WIF is to grow, deeply understand the challenges, and  solutions, not just for safety and compliance, but to make life easier for you, food businesses, improve customer experience and profitability. Be more than compliant, be competent, confident and competitive.

6 Week LIVE Online Masterminds and Training sessions

Only available to ORIGINAL WIFS at this price, with bonuses.
Your feedback will be integrated during the programme.

ORIGINAL WIFS will enjoy a lower fee (anticipated to double at least in the coming months) and other ORIGINAL WIF offers.


Co-create the WIF Programme and membership site, the facilities, the schedule, the rules, the topics and the resources.
The earlier you join the more influence and benefit, support and bespoke coaching you will receive. 

We all need feedback! 


Intentions Matter!

What are Well Intentioned Foodies?

A cool kind friendly, like-minded, non-judgemental, innovative individuals from the Food Service Industry (or related industries). 

Food safety managers, chefs, restaurant managers and supervisors, operational managers, marketers, owners, food handlers, service staff, caterers, trainer and consultants, anyone who would like to learn more about inclusivity in food service in a fun, informal, very focused and engaging setting.
Even pre-startup, popup, takeaway or fine dining. Inclusivity is universal.


What is Inclusivity?

Serving people who might normally be excluded :

People with allergies and intolerances, vegans, vegetarians and many other dietary preferences.

Would you like to learn, share, discover and receive feedback to help you or your business to EXCELL:

Serve More, Risk Less, Earn More....
By being more inclusive.

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Intentions Matter!

A simple approach

Getting started with an inclusive food service can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – at all!


Action starts with the right mindset. Heather holds many perspectives to get you in the correct head-space to begin. The diverse customer base, staff, CFOs and CEOs, marketers, SEO robots and compliance professional all have different perspectives.

Heather is vegan, with allergies and intolerances herself, you can ask her anything.

Step-by-step solutions

The first step is seeing the opportunities. "The money left on the table". Practical considerations to avoid limiting who can be served in a food service business.
How to consider the customer, staff and chef perspectives and understanding.

Communication and marketing are also important. It's not all about what the law states, often guidance is lacking but food safety is a must in any food business.

Useful resources

The WIFs Club gives access to Heather Landex, Q&A, a Forum, blog/article/library, examples and accumulating links to market research, industry experts advice, take or leave it recommendations, networking opportunities. Practical solutions and feedback, you can use to get started, make things easier and optimise your current offers. Priceless amounts of confidence and a competitive edge are available.

Case Studies

"Heather has insightful, multidisciplinary and on trend innovative advice in safety with a focus on improving our competitive edge and confidence. She has advised us regarding adaptation to the Covid restrictions and inclusivity which matches changing market needs and priorities. I have enjoyed our consultations and recommend Heather highly as a pioneer in her niche, her input has been invaluable."

Muhammad Asif – CEO | Main Course Associates



  • Inclusive Food Service Ltd

    Heather has challenged my own perspectives and led me to improve our own services to increase our clients' customer service capabilities and safety through a simple addition to our existing app.

    DeliveryBiz Connect, Canada

  • Inclusive Food Service Ltd

    I've had the pleasure to work briefly and closely with Heather, where she was a guest speaker to our Hotel Management students, during our Industrial Kitchen hygiene lessons.

    She was very well-prepared, informative and efficient. Yet at the same time, she was charming, fun, and eager to answer any questions brought forth by the students. Heather is highly recommendable!!

    Lecturer Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College

  • Inclusive Food Service Ltd
    James Beaulieu Pic

    Heather has made us think about the impact our business has on the world we live in and through her extensive knowledge, the action we need to take to offer sustainable, plant based menu alternatives.

    Owner of The Chesterford Group of Companies




Case Study

"Heather was recommended to me as an expert on food allergy management in the hospitality industry, as we wanted to better understand some of the nuances of the legislation and current best practices. Talking to Heather was really enlightening and I was impressed with her breadth and depth of knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity. Her approach differs from many others in the compliance field as it is customer-centric and positive and helps show how the perceived risk of allergies can be turned into an opportunity to capitalise on."

Pete Hunt – Director | Six BALTIC  Bar & Restaurant 

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK



Exclusive (WIFs only) benefits include: 

Hosted by Heather Landex - weekly (replays available)
- Deep Dive LIVE  Masterclass and Q&A 
- Expert led training and/or networking discussion
- Membership site, Forum for discussion and "Ask me anything" with Heather or other WIFs
Lifetime Access

BUY NOW to become an ORIGINAL WIF 
- Receive the lower introductory price
- Inclusivity Call (Zoom)

This programme will be LIVE, bespoke coaching with Q&A for 6 weeks with lifetime access.
(Questions can be submitted beforehand and answered LIVE even if you are not attending LIVE).

The point of becoming an Original WIF (and the reason it is discounted) is to inform how the programme can develop, support other WIFs, suggest or request topics, specific examples or scenarios to be discussed or solved and to give general feedback for the betterment of Original and future WIFs.

The idea is to learn, grow and join the dot to dot, step by step. Give confidence, competence and continuing safety, for businesses, consumers and food safety professionals. Well Intentioned businesses become more competitive although WIFs are individuals, they may be business owners etc. This programme is an informal form of personal and professional development.

Many SME businesses do not have access to accreditation schemes, compliance consultants or even general guidance and advice when it comes to food allergies. The jargon and legal requirements can be intimidating. Even the relevant societies and charities will not offer advice or training above the brief information on their websites without a significant financial barrier or commitment.

WIFs is the supportive, practical and friendly cool club of friends and peers who want to improve safety, business success and inclusion. To EXCELL.

Subjects covered within this programme are not discussed publicly anywhere else online. It is NOT a place for activism, lobbying against the government, policy making, or standard compliance education. It is a private focused group of professionals without the formal restraints and therefore a brief confidentiality agreement is required for access to the WIF Programme.

All scenarios are to be considered confidential and hypothetical in nature. This is not specific compliance advice, this is practical consumer insight to show businesses how to communicate with customers so that customers can understand which businesses employ and aspire to be Well Intentioned Foodies. Everyone should feel safe, welcome and able to offer their opinion openly inside the programme site.

WIFs endeavour to offer outstanding customer service and understand the law and all it's various complexities.
WIFs are NOT hoping to solicit, advertise, compete or interfere with other WIFs or report any WIF to officials, never ever, will NOT disclose to any other businesses, press or other media.

We are intending to have fun and increase our capabilities. It is intended to be a safe place to openly address concerns, remove doubt and encourage WIFs and food businesses to profit from being more inclusive.

WIFs will also receive discounts on other training programmes, consultation and services of Inclusive Food Service and  trusted partners in future. Including future WIF programmes.

6 Week LIVE Online Workshops
 Direct Q+A.

Lifetime access

Original WIFS enjoy a lower price in return for feedback.


Bonus Inclusivity Call 1:1 with Heather

(first 100 WIFS)


Co-create the programme, the facilities, the schedule, the rules, the topics and the resources. Join NOW to have the more influence and benefit.  We all need feedback! 


Intentions Matter!


FYI - Inclusivity is UNIVERSAL.

Although many of us will be from the UK, and Heather is a UK EHP.......Inclusivity is universal.

Heather lives in Denmark, working for British, German, American and Argentinian compliance companies, in Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic and Turkish food businesses, or Franchises....sometimes in Danish, mostly in English, sometimes in "half" Swedish. Even once speaking Danish in Iceland (yes it was a surprise).

Heather has  lived in Spain, lived and worked in hospitality in Australia and New Zealand (and the UK of course). Her International Best Seller reached number #1 in Category on Amazon in Japan, Australia, France and Brazil. #2 in the UK and top 10 in several other countries. She has industry relevant contacts throughout the World.

"We all talk about the same issues". "The principles of inclusivity, food safety, health and safety and allergy management are universal, even if the law differs".

Inclusivity is international, universal, relevant, irrespective of cuisine. Although there are definite legal difference between countries (or states), the UK is leading in food allergy legislation in the World (as it for most health and safety regulation).

The WIF EXCELLerator is open to anyone, from anywhere interested in being more inclusive in food service and who considers themselves "Well Intentioned". The more diversity we have in the group, the better we will be at finding solutions, innovation and creativity to complex multidisciplinary issues.

The group is English speaking but we enjoy accents, non-native speakers, British, American or any other English and to discuss all the various perspectives, jargon and myths. Often the things lost in translation are lost in translation everywhere.

Do not let living outside of the UK stop you from joining us. It doesn't matter, the point is NOT compliance, it's education and innovation about inclusivity in food rewarding intentions with profits, action, improvement.

JOIN The WIF Programme NOW!

Intentions Matter!


Original WIFs only 40% discount (first 100)